Customer Profiles

We at Dhanvriddhi Investments, Durg continuously monitor and asses the portfolios of each clients and communicating appropriate actions to be taken at different point as per their prior communicated goals. This creates a good rapport and long standing relationship with them. We at Dhanvriddhi Investments, Durg had more than 200+ client and some have been with us for more than 8 years, ever since our inception in Sep’2007.

These includes numerous professional including Doctors, Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, Academicians, Engineers, Entrepreneurs, NRI and other business Executives.

Companies to which our Customer Belongs:Bhilai Steel Plant (BSP), Public Work Department (PWD), State Bank of India, ICICI Bank, LIC – Life Insurance Corporation of India, Havells India, etc.

Customer Speaks


Moushami Mukherjee, Teacher @ DPS Durg

I was worried about number of important issues in my life, notabily my child education an my retirement planning, but had no idea about where and how to plan for the solutions. I am extremely glad to associate with Dhanvriddhi Investments, who not only helps me in understanding and quantifying my financial goals but also helps and guide me in achieving those aggressively. Now, I am at peace and know where I am stand and where I am heading towards financially. Dhanvriddhi Investments, Durg had dedicated long term personnel who are knowledgeable, ethical and highly responsive.


Avinash Asrani, Prop. Jyoti Opticals, Durg

What I found very useful is the sincere and holistic approach of Dhanvriddhi Investments, Durg. They on priority always focus on client specific requirement and objectives to be achieve with those investments. They advised a customized product mix keeping the investment term and current portfolio allocation of individual. Associated with Dhanvriddhi Investments, Durg, now I have a regular savings for my child education goals and retirement planning as well.


Vikram Agrawal, Prop. Priya Shoppee, Shree Shivam Mall, Durg

Before being associated with Dhanvriddhi Investments, I had considerable money parked at my bank accounts and earning very little. This was because of my lack of knowledge in regards of various investment avenues. I always found a mutual funds to be risky ones. Dhanvriddhi Investments, Durg address this issues and by advising me short term debt plans, it helped me in earning higher post tax returns and without taking additional risk what so ever.


Anurodh Singh Yadav, Regional Head Sales, ICICI Bank, Lathur (Maharastra)

I always used to feel that it is very difficult to be disciplined in regular savings. Dhanvriddhi Investments, Durg helped me in automating my savings regularly through SIP (Systematic Investment Plans) and also framing goals important to me. This two steps ensures that I have not strayed from my path and be systematic towards my investments to achieve all my short and long term financial goals.


Dr. Rajeev Chandarkar, Cardiologist, Durg

It is instructive to learn that Rs. 2000/- per month saving in equity mutual fund for 20 years regularly grows to 1.02 crores today. Extreme market volatility and fluctuation deferred me from investing in market. Dhanvriddhi Investments, Durg, helps me in proper asset liability matching and determining appropriate entry and exit point, consulting on the grounds of Tax saving or goal planning and moreover helping me override my investor emotions and continuously monitoring my portfolio.


Mr. Saji Thomas, Lecturer at SOHAR University, Oman

Dhanvridhi Investments is an OUTSTANDING Co with more a financial adviser than just an investment company. They went all the way out of their way to provide me with more of the professional way in handling my financial matters. I have always had them in very polite, outstanding and outgoing way of clearing my enquiries. I often require their suggestions in investments because of the quick and easy way of replying my queries. They have also helped me to rebuild my credit to the point where I just become a first time SIP investor in the expanding Indian market. The customer service that I receive from Dhanvridhi is really amazing. The team, not only has tremendous knowledge in the field of investments but equally they are prompt, responsive.

I will always recommend you to any of my acquaintance and friends for the highest quality service in Dhanvridhi. As far as I have known them in person, I thank them for their prompt, courteous and honest service. I would recommend this company to anyone in Chattisgarh state to have a taste of their advice in Investment schemes available in the competitive and challenging market of our nation at present.